artistic practice

My artistic position centres around abstraction. In the most recent work series (2021, oil on canvas, gouache on paper) the use of line has become central and features abstract linear shapes and forms. This contrasts with the purely chromatic abstraction of 2019/2020.

The shapes and forms are first and foremost abstractions and not intended to represent anything in the real world.

Nevertheless qua abstract forms they are the outcome of an abstraction process and this process is a key part of my practice.

I take images from the world around me but especially the natural world and abstract them over and over again until the resulting abstractions take on a life of their own and populate a world of their own.

My current interest in abstraction dates from 2018 and was developed on my return from an inspirational voyage along the remote coastline of Patagonia in March of that year.

Abstraction is a continuum and my artistic position continues to evolve. As an artist I reserve the right to travel this continuum in either direction.