artistic practice


My current position centres around abstraction with work that features abstract linear shapes and forms rather than abstraction in the sense of pure colour field; the use of line is central.

The shapes and forms are abstractions and do not represent anything in the real world.

Nevertheless qua abstract forms they are the outcome of an abstraction process and this process is a key part of my practice.

For my abstractions I take inspiration, as I always have, from the world around me but especially the natural world. I take real world images and abstract them over and over again until the resulting abstractions take on a life of their own and populate a world of their own.

Abstraction is a position that I haven’t embraced since my art school days. My work before and since that time has always been figurative.

My recent journey from figuration to abstraction began in 2018 with a real-life journey on a car ferry through the fjords of coastal Patagonia. I was utterly enthralled by the majesty and mystery of this pristine landscape dressed in the mists and cloud of a temperature rainforest.

Once back in the studio I began to paint my memories of a landscape that seemed otherworldly and scarcely present. One of the first canvases - nothofagus antarctica - was an abstract colour field and over the next eighteen months my "landscapes" were abstract in all but name. Paintings from December 2019 followed this Patagonia-inspired cycle and confirmed the evolution of my artistic position as abstract - full colour field, full rainforest grey.

Abstraction is a continuum and my artistic position continues to evolve. As an artist I reserve the right to travel this continuum in either direction.